Amy, from Who Said Nothing in Life is Free?, recently featured a review of Ola! Granola. Amy loved that Ola! Granola is made from only the best ingredients and that 100% of the profits go to BeFoundation, a private …


Cuckoo for Coupon Deals recently reviewed Ola! Granola. The reviewer is a huge fan of granola but thought Ola! Granola was the best she ever had. “It was not as hard as other granola which means my teeth were a …


Nicole, from Healthy Way to Cook, announced the winner of her Ola! Granola Sweepstakes yesterday; Jeffery Lammers was the lucky winner of a 9 oz. bag of each Ola! Granola flavor! In honor of the giveaway closing and Valentine’s …

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Nicole, from Healthy Way To Cook, recently posted a review of Ola! Granola. Nicole loved that Ola! was started from the favorite family recipe of creator Dina Houser and that it was clearly a superior healthy food choice in …


Richard Lee, Staff Writer
Thursday, June 10, 2010

What started as a homemade family gift for friends and co-workers has become a sought-after healthy snack for shoppers throughout the Northeast. The founder of Ola! O’ So Natural granola said she …

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Ryan Doran for the Fairfield County Business Journal | Mar-12-10, 06:30 PM |


Invention is often born of necessity and sometimes, economic pressure and a scoop of granola.

Begun just a year ago in a kitchen in Redding, Ola! …

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I once spent some vacation time up in Maine near a farmer’s market that had the best granola. We brought a ton home figuring it would last forever, which is another term for “one week.” While there are certainly some …



I broached this culinary ordeal with vivid memories of a long-ago soy sauce tasting from which I’d emerged with comically useless notes reading “Salty!” “Very Salty!” “Salty!” and “A little less salty!”.

A massive tasting of granolas seemed …


09/09 Rachael Ray selects Ola! Vanilla Almond as snack of the day…and guest super nanny approves.



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Treat a friend―or yourself―to Ola! Cranberry Orange Pecan O’ So Natural Granola, which comes packaged in a modern reusable jar. Vermont maple syrup and orange juice-infused cranberries liven the palate while pecans add …