Alicia, from Free N Clear, recently reviewed Ola! Granola. She was thrilled to find a healthy snack for her family. Alicia loved that is was gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free, kosher and vegan since Ola! is sweetened with maple syrup and blue agave nectar and not honey. She also liked how natural and tasty it is, her favorite flavor being the Cranberry Orange Pecan which she found to be chock full of nuts. Alicia especially loved all the varieties of flavors and the convenience of having resealable bags and a 1 oz Grab-n-Go Singles. She writes, “They are perfect to tuck in a school lunch and just the right size to enjoy as a snack.  The size makes portion control a breeze!” To read the full review of Ola! Granola, check out Free N Clear.