One reviewer, from the blog Coupons and Friends recently posted a review of Ola! Granola and a recipe for her special Ola! creation. She’s a huge fan of granola and was excited to try all of the Ola! flavors. Her favorite ended up being the Cranberry Orange Pecan, but she chose the No Nut Vanilla to create her Butterscotch Granola Clusters. “I love granola especially when it is 100% natural and hand baked.  Lucky for me Ola sent me a box of different flavored granola to try. […] Not only were these delicious on their own, but you can make great goodies and use them in many different recipes,” she said.

For the full review of Ola! Granola and the delicious recipe for Butterscotch Granola Clusters, check out Coupons and Friends.