The Ola! Granola Story

It was a “Family Favorite” even before she had a family of her own.  Growing up in a family of eight, Dina Houser enjoyed her mom’s healthy, homemade, great-tasting granola — the same satisfying recipe she recreated as a working mother of three young boys.  Carefully fine-tuning her family’s recipe – using whole grains, nuts, and pure maple syrup – Dina’s hand-baked granola quickly became everyone’s favorite ready-to-go breakfast, snack and topping.

Running a design business with her husband, Dina would bake special blends to gift, “sharing the love” with their clients and friends.  After years of being urged to make her granola available to food lovers everywhere, her son’s second grade teacher asked Dina where he could purchase it.  It was then she decided to fulfill her dream of making it for the world to enjoy.  Ola! was born.

With the help and support of family, friends, neighbors and the community, Ola! Foods was launched on Earth Day in 2009.  Soon, the entire household got involved, from packing boxes to attending local events and farmers markets.  Dina’s boys even helped come up with the name Ola! around their kitchen table, eager to say hello to everyone who likes healthy and yummy.

Dina’s passion for quality and taste shines through in all aspects of Ola’s business.  Since its inception, the company has achieved significant milestones and praise and now has an extended family of bakers in its state-of-the-art Connecticut kitchens.

Today, families everywhere are saying “Ola!” to our Happy Good for You Energy Food®!


Dina Houser, Founder + President